Free Food Program

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Homeless Food Distribution Agenda
Through our distribution network across the nation our aim is to supply and ensure every human on Earth has available meals one to three times a day.

Help Feed The Homeless!

Give Your Uneaten Left-Overs Away For A Good Cause
Utilizing our Who’s Cooking Free Food program, for posting any left-overs or extra meals which will be picked up, givers will receive redeemable rewards.

No Waste. Earn Rewards!

Rewards based on number of meals donated in our Who’s Cooking Free Food Program. All rewards will be distributed at the end of each month to the donating parties account where they can purchase local food by Who’s Cooking chefs!

All shelters, pantry houses and the like…
Please contact us via email! We are actively working on creating ways to create a full database linking all receiving parties within the industry together to be notified where they can pick up donated foods.

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